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Interior and exterior finishes and selections.

As the title suggests, this includes most of the surfaces in and around your home. Everything from paint, wallpaper and floor tiles, to bricks, floorboards and bench tops. Together, these surfaces cover a majority of a space and need to be carefully selected for a curated home.  Regardless of the cost or quantity, each individual element creates a relationship with all the other elements in an interior and consequently has an impact on the whole.  For this reason, it is important that each selection is given the attention it deserves and is chosen with the ultimate vision in mind.

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Fixtures, fittings and equipment selections.

Best thought of as the things that you frequently touch or use around the home – door handles, light switches, taps, appliances, and basins.  Due to the regularity of their use and the consequent daily impact on you as the user, it is a great idea to give these items thorough consideration.  They not only have the ability to aesthetically elevate a space in the subtlest of ways, but also enhance your daily life through the sense of touch.  We need these bits and pieces, so let’s choose the right ones that really fit with your grand vision and offer lasting enjoyment.

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Furniture and lighting.

With such an amazing range of products on offer I will introduce you to the right pieces for your individual project.  Like the rest of my approach, lighting and furniture items are chosen holistically and with respect to how they relate to each other.  I like to use my set of skills to cover all the bases so that the process is not a rush to the finish line, but rather an investment in the right elements to achieve your own uniquely curated outcome.  Our interiors are so personal and offer a unique opportunity to express who we are.  Let's take the time to ensure your investment is made carefully, wisely and in a way that brings joy.

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Custom joinery.

Planning built in furniture well has the capacity to make life happen a whole lot more smoothly so I take the time with my clients to be thorough.  It leads to that magical moment when everything has its place thanks to a well-developed plan.  I like to ask you the right questions to create the perfect balance between beauty and function.

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Art & decor.

A home without art, is like a bar with no wine. It has no soul. Whether we are talking about paintings, photography, books, sculptures, collections or plants – it is important that they are given consideration and pride of place in your home. These items turn a house into a distinctly personal space that expresses a unique journey and incites meaningful conversations with those who visit. Whether you would like to show off an established collection or build one from scratch let me guide you with your display to add an original exclamation point to your home.