My process.



1. Meet.

This initial meeting takes place in your space so that I can become familiar with the environment and get a true sense of you in your home. I will ask you questions to clarify your aesthetic goals, budget and time-frame. It’s also a great opportunity for us to get to know and understand each other. Together we will build a mutual understanding of how we can collaborate to achieve your own unique spaces. I will explain my process and talk through what you can expect when working with me. After this meeting, I will compile a Design Proposal that is unique to your project and which we will talk through together.

Why:  To define your goals, how much you want to invest and when.

What: Comprehensive Design Proposal

Expected time: 1.5 - 2 hours
Cost: $395

2. Extract.

After the approval of the Design Proposal, which gives structure to your project, we really begin.  In this stage I will formulate a concept direction for your project together with a proposed budget and schedule based on our previous discussions.  Think of this as our road map. 

Armed with these tools we delve into what you really want in your home and how you want it to feel. We talk about where it makes sense to invest and what to exclude.  There are a lot of beautiful images out there but I’m here to help you separate the wheat from the chaff to help you get the outcome you are dreaming about.  As we bed down some key finishes or feature elements you will begin to see some unique ideas for your project start to unfold!

Why:  To decide how you would like your property to look and feel.

What:  Concept Presentation, Budget Estimate and Project Schedule

Expected time: Project dependent, usually 1 - 3 weeks.

3. Create.

It’s time to bring the concept to life by combining elements to truly reflect you.  This means getting the sourcing, specifying, dimensions and budget all working together.  

We will probably have a few meetings in this stage to curate the right mix of elements. We’ll look at everything from tiles to lighting to armchairs and artwork. Documentation underpins this phase and coordination between architects, trades, builders and suppliers is also the name of the game.

Clients often remark that we don’t buy anything until quite late in the process, but that’s because we’re not interested in just buying things – we are investing in the right items specifically for your space.  Each step of this process allows me to dive deeper into the detail, to make things more specific, more beautiful, more personal – more you.

Why: To integrate the things that are important to you in an original way.

What:  Floor and Furniture Plans and Elevations, Specification Schedules, 3D Renders, Project Estimate, Product Selections Presentations.

Expected time: Project dependent, usually 8 - 16 weeks.

4. Fulfil.

This last checkpoint is where all the planning we have invested in begins to materialise before our very eyes. 

I will coordinate trades, payments, suppliers and manufacturers to bring the vision we have built to fruition, managing the procurement and build process and communicate with you regarding updates, deliveries and delays. If a substitute is necessary I will have an option or two up my sleeve.  No last minute panic attacks required!  Easy. 

After the work is done and all your beautiful elements are sitting together on site it’s time to tweak, shoot and celebrate!  Final placement and last minute touches are usually required to get everything just right, and it’s a great time to mark the occasion with professional photography - and bubbles!

Why: To execute our vision to a high level of quality with minimum stress.

What:  Invoices, Work In Progress Reports, Professional Photography.

Expected time: Project dependent.